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About Us

RBZ Academy was founded by Manjula Nair, an awarded marketing professional backed with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing & communication.

Leading the functions in major MNCs including handling corporate crisis management at Satyam Computers (BPO) in 2008- 2009, Manjula formed the company with a vision to make digital marketing courses affordable and easy for anyone located anywhere across India.

The institute follows a mix of advanced learning methodologies, industrial practical experience and latest trends to help trainees use digital platforms effectively. These courses are designed for students, working professionals, home makers, micro & small business owners and senior citizens.


About RealBuzZone LLP. :

Inspired by making marketing more affordable to SME, Startup community, RealBuzZone was started on 15 August 2015. The company aims to assist Start-Ups, SMEs & Micro Businesses with effective ‘Go to Market’ strategy.

It also helps organizations with end-to-end consulting to enable them in creating a mark in the targeted market space. The company’s team operates as Consultants engaging with clients as their own Branding & Marketing function, providing services within the space of Brand Consulting, Digital, Public Relations & Content marketing Services.

The company’s Consulting-to-Solutions expertise help companies engage with angel funders & Venture Capitalists and gear-up to take over the market.

Founder’s Note